Botanical Lettering:

"Botanical Lettering" decorates your home or favorite space with beautiful art. Each letter can be used as a solo art piece, or combined with other letters to create a monogram, your loved-one's name, or your favorite words. Make your own, special artistic creation beginning with your family name or special occasion. Each letter of the alphabet is uniquely composed of different plants, flowers and animals. 

      "I like to look at a piece of art like a puzzle and discover the details and new things every time l look at it. It is a total wonder to me" -JunCo.

JunCo.'s Botanical Lettering resonates with viewers who have an appreciation for nature and animals. You will find a woodchuck, butterfly, birds and bees in the alphabets. And you will make a connection with your loved ones and the value of nature by the Botanical Lettering

Junco's unique and decorative letters work as an individual letter or you can have a custom name custom designed. Available in a variety of sizes, these wonderful designs make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

Celebrate - Botanical alphabet

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