JunCo. began her creative journey as a babe in Japan where her childhood was full of daydreams and imaginary friends.

Years passed and JunCo. came to the United States where she graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an MS from University of Kansai in Osaka, Japan. She currently finds happiness with her family and friends in New Jersey while transforming her daydreams into art that can be shared with others.

In addition to her daydreams, JunCo. finds creative inspiration through meditation. Once inspired, she sketches from the images in her mind. Details are layered onto the simple sketch from further research and visual studies. As the sketch becomes more complete, JunCo. decides on the media – whether the piece will be created digitally or by hand. As she continues her daily practice, JunCo. continues to grow - imagination transformed into art transforming artist.

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